Tower Museum

Tour/Activity , United Kingdom

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The Tower Museum features two permanent exhibition: "The Story of Derry" showcases the vibrant and dramatic history of the city, spanning from its earliest prehistory to the present day. "An Armada Shipwreck - La Trinidad Valencera" recounts the tale of one of the largest ships in the Spanish Armada, which sank off the Donegal Coast in 1588 and was rediscovered by divers from the City of Derry Sub-Aqua Club in 1971.

Visit the home of 'Derry Girls' and discover where it all began! View original memorabilia from the hit show, including Erin’s diary, Aunt Sarah’s iconic pyjamas, and Ma Mary’s Woolworths sweater, along with the famous Spice Girls costumes. Step into the set of the Quinn household and feel like a part of the family. If you're a Sister Michael fan, don't miss the chance to sit in her chair and roll your eyes at anyone who crosses your path. (Visit Derry)