Journey from Khon Kaen to Phitsanulok

Tour from Khon Kaen to Phitsanulok, Thailand

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Enjoy a field picnic, venture to Phitsanulok's exotic markets, indulge in daring insect tastings, explore hidden gems, and savor local history!

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Journey from Khon Kaen to Phitsanulok

Get ready for an exhilarating day packed with exciting experiences! Begin your adventure with a delightful picnic breakfast in the open, surrounded by the lush beauty of a rice field. As the sun rises, energize yourself for the journey ahead. Embarking westward from Khon Kaen, bid farewell to the northeast and venture back into the heart of Thailand's central plains. The landscape unfolds with picturesque views as you pass through several national parks, each offering a unique glimpse of nature's wonders.

Your destination is the vibrant town of Phitsanulok, where culinary daring takes centre stage. Dive into a thrilling tasting experience at the local market, where insects and bugs are not just creatures but local delicacies. For those seeking a more conventional lunch, a charming local restaurant awaits, offering a delicious spread of Phitsanulok's culinary delights. Post-lunch, your journey through Phitsanulok continues with visits to cultural gems. Explore the enchanting Wat Mahathat or Wat Yai, both nestled by the Naresuan Bridge. Uncover the Kingdom's hidden treasure – a breathtaking golden Buddha image known to only a select few.

The adventure doesn't end there! Make your way to the Cha Thawee Folk Museum, a captivating showcase of historical tools that glimpse the local lifestyle of bygone eras.

As the day unfolds, find rest and excitement combined during your overnight stay in the lively city of Phitsanulok. Get ready to immerse yourself in this destination's vibrant culture and thrilling experiences!