Inverness to Kirkwall

Tour/Activity , United Kingdom

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Embarking on the mesmerizing journey from Inverness to Kirkwall in Orkney is a captivating experience that unfolds against Scotland's picturesque landscapes. Departing from the historic city of Inverness, your drive takes you through the enchanting Scottish Highlands, where rolling hills draped in heather and ancient stone formations create a timeless panorama.

Take the Ferry over the sea to Orkney. As you set off from Gills Bay in Caithness you will see the islands of Stroma and Swona in the distance. Both common and grey seals bask on the shores of the islands. Be sure to look out for the now famous feral cattle of Swona which, left to run wild over thirty years ago, are now a recognised breed.

There are many eddies and currents running through the Pentland Firth. You may well pass both whirlpools and eddies on your journey, depending on the tide and wind. One such whirlpool just north of Stroma is the Swelkie which, according to Viking legend, is caused by a sea witch turning the mill wheels to grind the salt to keep the sea salty!

Crossing the Pentland Firth, the ferry ride to Orkney introduces a dramatic transition as the rugged coastline and the imposing silhouette of the Old Man of Hoy come into view. Upon reaching Kirkwall, the Orkney Islands' central hub, you are greeted by a harmonious blend of history and natural beauty. The quaint streets, adorned with charming shops and historic landmarks, lead to the imposing St. Magnus Cathedral, a testament to Orkney's rich heritage. The journey from Inverness to Kirkwall is a poetic exploration of Scotland's diverse terrain, weaving together the tapestry of its past and present.