Arrive Edinburgh and Make Own way to Hotel

Tour/Activity , United Kingdom

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Embark on a mesmerizing Scottish rail odyssey, weaving through majestic landscapes and historic wonders.

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Arrive Edinburgh and make own way to your hotel

Arriving in Edinburgh is a captivating plunge into a city where history and modernity gracefully entwine. The iconic silhouette of Edinburgh Castle welcomes you, perched atop Castle Rock with regal poise. The cobbled streets of the Royal Mile beckon, adorned with charming shops and lively street performers. Navigate through the city's medieval charm, with its historic landmarks like the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the enchanting Arthur's Seat. Amidst this tapestry of centuries-old architecture, your journey continues to a carefully chosen hotel, promising not just accommodation but an immersive embrace of Edinburgh's captivating allure.

Make your way to your hotel for your overnight stay