Explore the Isle of Lewis

Tour/Activity , United Kingdom

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Spend time exploring the beautiful island(s) of Lewis.. Some of Scotland's world-famous Neolithic sites, such as the Callanish Standing stones, can be found in Lewis. The west coast of Lewis, the most northerly island in the Outer Hebrides, is rich in prehistoric remains. No visitor to the island need ever lacks an interesting place to visit or something fascinating to see.

The magnificent Standing Stones of Callanish (or Calanais, the Gaelic version) are famous worldwide. No matter the weather and how many visitors are present, these ancient stones have an enigmatic, magical quality that never fails to move. Whatever inspired their construction, all agree that the experience of visiting the Standing Stones of Calanais is not one to be missed.

After Callanish take a step back in time at Dun Carloway Broch, one of the best preserved of Scotland, the broch was probably constructed about 200 BC.

Carry on up to the Butt of Lewis, the dramatic northern extremity of Lewis, the tower of its slender brick lighthouse standing proud against the storms that often rage here - a spot claimed to be the windiest in Britain