Atholl Place Museum(Pitlochry)

Tour/Activity , United Kingdom

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"Set in the old servant’s wing of the Atholl Place Museum, charts the history of the hotel from when it first opened as a Hydropathic establishment in 1878 through to its re-opening after World War II and beyond. There are tales of bankruptcy, colourful entrepreneurs, Victorian servant’s, unusual and torturous spa treatments, renovations, and war time evacuees turning hotel to school. Room settings and tactile exhibits will be packed full of historical insights and anecdotes, perfect for minds both old and young to enjoy. Start your journey in our rail carriage, look inside the doctor’s cupboards, light up the wine cellar and dress up as a hotel servant in what was an original bedroom sleeping six servants. Within the museum, children can explore a Minecraft version of the hotel and grounds, opening doors to all parts of the hotel to discover our history"(